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A young, motivated and professional workforce

Copcisa’s main asset is its employees. One of its competitive advantages is its human resources, as the success and future of the Company depend on their quality and motivation.

At present Copcisa’s workforce numbers 332, of whom 180 are university graduates. The proportion of women among graduates is 29%.

The link with Universities is maintained not only in the sphere of R&D and innovation projects, but also through the participation of Copcisa in various employment forums organised by academic institutions. The aim is to promote direct contact with final-year students from various courses and faculties in order to identify the talent the company needs to drive forward its goals.

One of the key objectives of the Human Resources Department is to help personnel develop their professional skills through a policy of people management and suitable training. This is achieved through specific training plans, the encouragement of employee mobility within the company, development plans and appropriate salary policies which aim to create a balance between the expectations of employees and the organisation alike.

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